Since the establishment of ONENESS skateboard brand in 2017

The brand takes “SOUL OF MOTION” as the design and development concept

The brand embraces the idealism of China’s rising situation and calls for strong inclusiveness, and is keen to promote domestic skateboarding to usher in a new era of “revolution”.

Create products centered on BDP – “BETTER DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE”

Following the philosophy, we define four series of products,

Balance Series-Street Extreme Series-All Terrain Series-Exploration Series

Focus on creating products that integrate the actual experience of Chinese and foreign skaters and the performance advantages of Chinese and foreign skateboard products. ONENESS soul wheel is jointly developed by Asia’s top polyurethane R&D team and professional skater team. It is a brand with excellent research and development capabilities and rich creativity. Soul of motion formula is a representative of breakthrough

 Product ONENESS

The title of “Soul of Motion wheels” comes from ONENESS unique soul technology – SOUL OF MOTION. Based on the original excellent formula and material, the performance of the skateboard wheel itself is improved again, and the soul of motion wheel becomes more comfortable by adjusting its chemical composition , making skateboarding more fun.

Balanced Series : Soul of Motion 4, Soul of Motion6

Street Ultimate Series: Soul of Motion 5, Soul of Motion 7

All Terrain Series: Soul of Motion X

Discovery series: Soul of Motion 8, Soul of Motion 9 “THREE IN ONE”

Brand Concept 

That is to say, we are committed to research and development to create products with the ultimate control experience and enjoy skateboarding.

We firmly believe that “Skateboarding will become more fun with ONENESS”

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